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Would you like a feed of our news headlines like the ones below on your site?

The headlines are generated from our RSS feed. If you understand RSS and just want the feed you can find it at

If you want some simple copy and paste javascript to do the job then you can Design your feed here

To help the feed blend into your site you can style it using a seperate style sheet or by embedding the styles into the head section of your webpage

The style codes are

  • rss_box defines the bounding div for the entire display- use to define borders, fill, etc.
  • rss_title the title of the feed and link style if displayed. Use with variants of rss_title a:link, rss_title a:hover, etc for rollowver styles
  • rss_items defines the unordered list <ul>...</ul> for the feed items- use to define the padding/margins for items.
  • rss_item display of each feed item description and title, <li>...</li> as well as the channel description, if displayed.
  • rss_item a: variant for the item title and link style